Baza obozowa w Juszczynie

Juszczyn's scout camp is situated in southern Poland, małopolskie province, which it is the most visited region in Poland by tourists due to the various tourists attractions, for example:

  • Zakopane - the capital of mountaineering sports,
  • Kraków - one of the oldest cities in Poland with numerous cultural, historical, tourist sights,
  • Wadowice - charming town, where Karol Wojtyła (John Paul II) was born,
  • Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - The Sanctuary of Mary recorded by the UNESCO
  • Lanckorona - romantic town with tiny market place and ruins of an old Castle.
  • Oświęcim - the place where the past meets the present, with the middle age Castle, The Chewra Lomdei Synagogue and The Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum

Surrounded by Beskidy mountains, at small clearing is located our camp. Through the camp flow Cadyńka - very cold mountain stream where you can soak at hot days. The camp is situated near to country road, and Juszczyn country. 

Being on the camp you should arrange trekking on Babia Góra Mount (1,725 meters) - the highest summit at Beskidy Montains, Hala Krupowa (1,152 meters) and various amazing places in Beskidy Mountains.

Scouts are accomodated in big, military tents where can live maximum 8 people. Every tent contain camping beds, mattresses, blankets and shelf. Also it is possible to live in your own tents. If the leaders need an electricity in their tent we will provide it.

We assure four meals a day: breakfast, dinner, supper and afternoon snack. It is possible to get special diet, but you must inform us before your arrival. We eat meals together in huge tent (called 'The Elephant' by our scouts). If you organise a trip we can prepare packed lunches in place of typical meals. The meals are prepared by cheaf and cooks.

In separated place are situated camp toilets and shower room. 2 toilets for women, 2 toilets for men and 2 toilets for stuff. In shower room there are 4 showers with hot water and 10 taps with cold water.

We also provide:
- basic sport equipment
- maps
- tourist information
- nurse with basic medicaments
- and many more ;-)

For further information, please contact:

Justyna Kaczmarczyk

tel: 880 988 411